My BATs vanished!

So, I had 9.115 BAT from december to receive. On January 6th, Brave sent me just 9.000 without explanation about the remaining 0.115. You can see on this picture:

Then today, January 8th, I just verified my wallet to take the 9.000 BATs, and SHAZAM!, THE BATs when to Narnia or any other place but my wallet… I tried to logout and verify my wallet again, and then a message appear:

The message is in portuguese, but it basically says that there is a possibility of a illegal activity in brave ads.

What I supposed to do? Can anyone from Brave give me a help?

probably best to file a ticket here:

it can take a while to get a response this time of month, give it at least a week or so.

Well, it has passed a month, and I still don’t have my rewards. I’ve tried the support center as suggested, but no answer so far. And the best part is, I suppose to get my reward from january, and guess what, they desapeared too.

I’m definitely out of brave rewards.

Do you have a ticket number? I’ll DM you for it. Thanks!

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