My BATs have not been paid, it helps

I already made the respective update of the browser and they still have not made me the payment of my bat. and the truth is a considerable amount to lose. I would appreciate any solution !!

same here missing the payout

I still have not got my payment and I have private message you

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If you joined Brave browser after Dec 2nd you will not receive your December BAT rewards because they are paying out the rewards for November.

I have join like 6 months ago, I have been getting reward normal but this month I have not got anything

I’ve been receiving Brave Rewards payouts regularly to my Uphold wallet. This time the December payout did not arrive - not from my own browsers and not from the Creator tips. Both have been swallowed either by Brave or Uphold.
The Uphold wallet is verified since May - I reconfirmed this by logging into Uphold and checking the Verification status in the Profile settings.

Brave has posted this notice: NOTICE: For users verified with Uphold who have not received payment but it’s only for EU users. I’m not in EU, and looking at the comments from other users this is not a problem endemic to the EU region.

Brave needs to look into this and at least acknowledge the problem because this seriously hurts their image. We know that Google (kind of) steals our data, Brave stealing our BATs is worse.

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They have updated the thread. There has been a problem this time with many uphold users. They are processing the payments again. I think we should wait for some time and see what they will do.

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We can’t do anything other than wait anyway :slight_smile:

But the thread specifically (still) says that it does not cover non-EU users.

Please note that this is only relevant for users who have Brave Rewards wallets verified with Uphold and live in the EU region . If your wallet is unverified, verified with another custodial provider, or with Uphold in a non-EU region, please open a thread and include all the information requested in the editor for support to review.

You are seeing the wrong thread

Check this out


My November rewards came less and in a smaller amount than the Rewards originally said, and now my December rewards aren’t in yet. Upgrading the browser may have screwed up the sync with the wallet, but I’m not sure.

you guys can keep posting the status but its wrong, gemini users have not received payment so obviously there’s an issue. Theres no reason anyone should be waiting this long for LAST months ads

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Seems there was an oopsie and some payments got delayed. I have 2 devices. And just a few minutes ago recieved it for my second device. And it is still processing. So hang in there.

I got 1 out of 3 payout

I’ve been seeing many posts regarding the same

No payout in Gemini for me

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I got one last night and I still waiting for another two

I have also not been paid out to my Gemini account.

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Still missing my gemini payment, I saw another post today and saw someone got their payout today. Still have hope, but we’ll see


Some people said they got it but only like a part of it, hopefully, tomorrow or Tuesday we can get some answers but honestly, it’s not okay for any reason. There needs to be better customer service or better communication. too many people have the same issue and to be flagged for no reason is not okay. and every day this continues honestly gets more and more frustrating