My bats are gone, I want to know what happened

My earnings disappeared from my Brave homepage. I had a little over 10 Bat, now I only have last month’s income. Would you like to know what happened?

@Revail260 You should create a support ticket here-

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same happened to me i had 414 BATS
all gone

i did create a topic for this case
and already pulled a troll which said i was a liar

i m not a liar, i lost all the BATS , 180 USD

@TheyStoleMyBats Did you create a support ticket here-

i didnt open a ticket yet


How can you know then they were stolen?
Creating a topic likely won’t help.

I didn’t say they were stolen, I said they disappeared.

An absurdity. The Breve should answer.

if money dissapear
then it is stolen

we are in 2022 even N26 stole their customers

Speak for yourself and not for me. If you have proof of the theft present it because I don’t have it, that’s why I said it’s gone.

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