My bat went from 10 to 3 in a day please tell me why that happened

my bat has been reduced from 10 to 3 why did that happen

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I think is related to this

he said his bat, not his value


right and the same thing happened with me today.

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Still using brave ??..i thought u switched to cryptotab browser

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See his recent new topic Post down below,
He is giving lectures about fake mobile mining browser :joy: and now he is crying for his BATs…

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lol what? I don’t remember mentioning crying somewhere xD…its okay tho you can say that to feel comfortable lol…and you sound so dmb cuz u are noticing what happened to me and ignoring that the same thing can happen to you too lol…

…god really some haters be like xD

have a look here btw ( Your pain Vs My pain )

Your pain


My pain

Aww SAD @Himgoo I can see you are crying inside lol xD

(Now don’t go fast to your profile and delete the topics created by you like you deleted ur message last time lol)

Yes bro, I’m testing both actually to give a honest review of it in my websites and other pages in social media.

Even i use that bro …

I m Getting Bugs everytime in brave not once or twice everytime

Bruh Fake mobilmining browser? U r like one of the people who just heard something and tell something , Nowadays creativity is increasing . I cant bear Ur oscar acting

But, pain is about I use and expressing to its own platform,
Unlike you Spamming Fake Lol Mobile Mining app Crypto Tab :stuck_out_tongue:, in same platform which you are using at the same time criticising,
I can’t Pathetic and selfish like you.
Asking questions does not mean Pain :joy:

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Don’t tell hypothetical talk,
Provide an example of app which mine in mobile,
If you heard much better than, then let me know.

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bruh chill y are u shouting keep calm

Bro Brave is good but cryptotab’s Network is good u cant blame that by saying Fake Lol Mobile Mining app Crypto Tab

Bro, Did they pay you in Past ?

No cuz i didnt withdrawn lel

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bro let him trashtalk around my topics. he is my loyal hater after all so lets ignore him and report his texts xD