My BAT Tokens didn't get to my Brave Wallet I sent them correctly from Bittrex



Dear Support,

I send my BAT Tokens from my Bittrex BAT Wallet to my BAT Wallet inside Brave. And I’m absolutely sure that I did all right. But the tokens never appeared on my Brave Wallet.

Here is my transaction Information:
Address: 0x27D12d7036f1C62E1bE646Ab51e4Cc13f1A1775e
TxId: 0x85d1b2bfb9e95a371827abbfd2206a4cd5f7487b285f4490f5a0a588af94c7b5

Can you pleas check this.
Thank you for your support.

EDIT: It took a while but now my tokens arrived. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting back @Angeloi - there can definitely be a delay, esp if volume on the blockchain is high.

Going to close this thread, if you see other issues/have questions please open a new one.


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