My BAT TOKENS are gone

Hello Brave Team,

I have recently had to reinstall windows. I have reconnected my brave wallet using my seed. Unfortunately I have now lost all my BAT Tokens. Can you please help. I absolutely love Brave. The new king of browsers.

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How did you get your tokens? I think that the give away tokens expired after certain date, or if you didn´t change the autocontribute set up, maybe the tokens were automatically given away to publishers.

I earned BAT watching adverts for the past 3 months. I also had auto contribute off so I can tip who I want too. I have been recommending loads of my social network to Brave as you can earn whilst you surf, but its not great when you reinstate your wallet with seed and funds are gone.

I restored the wallet exactly how it was stated on your site.


Had you already claimed your earnings or are you referring to estimated earnings?

No I was referring to actual in my wallet from the past few months.


Would you mind going to brave://rewards-internals and sending me the information (privately – via DM) displayed here so we can take a look on our end and see what may have happened?

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