My BAT token s are not arrive


I gave a tip (66 BAT tokens - my home pc ). but those tokens din’t arrive. than an another brave browser (my office pc) I gave 30 BAT tokens and those tokens din’t arrive too. plesa solve my problem. Totaly , my 70 ba tokens are missing. It is not fare

Transaction time is about 6-12mins so if the browser is closed before the transfer is complete it would lead to a lost transfer. Sorry about this.

no l did not close the browser. and the tokens which are arrive (26.6 bat) . these are arrive in 3 or 4 minutes. the l going to gave tips. but they are notarrive. tongt l use my office computer browser account. 20 + 10 bat gave tip to my youtube channel. and those tokens din’t arrive too.

Create a poll on this post vote. Let’s see if the features would be added. Tipping loading interface

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