My BAT token ad rewards are missing

Please help I had about 75$ worth of BAT tokens from Ad rewards that suddenly went missing.


Can you elaborate more? What is your Brave version?

Version 1.1.21 Chromium: 79.0.3945.79 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I simply had a running balance of BAT, all earned from ad rewards, and they have disappeared for whatever reason. My balance is now 0. My BAT Balance was around 375 or so within my Brave Wallet and I just noticed that they had disappeared.

Your Brave is outdated. The latest release is 1.5.x. Can you update your Brave first?

Seems like If you are using Brave Rewards on Brave 1.2 or older for Desktop, it is time to upgrade
cc @asad @steeven for confirmation

I am in the same situation…I have the most updated Brave version with no auto contribute. I lost 100 Brave tokens. Looks like this is a common problem? Why???

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same here, no auto contribute, just updated the newest version and there are still over 200 BAT missing and 20.5 left. Thanks for any kind of help!

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same situation for me.
lost about 50% of my tokens.
running Version 1.5.115
no auto-contribute active.

any advice?

Same thing here. Everything was there and fine about a few days ago. Had about 145-160~ BAT … now all completely gone. On the latest version and everything, no auto contribute, on max 5 ads per hour. I created an account just to post this here since theres absolutely no customer support contact ANYWHERE on this site. Please help. Thanks.


Updating the browser solved my problem, thank you. My browser did not notify me of any available updates in the past however.


I’m up to date and have the same problem, lost about 350+ BAT, whhheeeeereee did it all go D:

Kinda feels nasty. Got Brave cause it’s all about privacy, wouldn’t need to input any login or anything… and yet I just had to, to create a post and complain about losing 300+ BAT

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