My BAT is stuck in on my phone

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For the pass two months my BAT has been stuck on my phone wallet and won’t transfer to the uphold wallet can some please help me?

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I have had the same happen to me. I have send a DM to @steeven both last month and again now today about this issue. If Brave isn’t going to reward its users as they claim, and so many other people are having the same issue, then maybe time for everyone to stop using Brave browser and switch to another browser. It doesn’t look like this issue is being resolved.

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It’s a known issue @Heclalava @JamJam

Please see Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet for more info

@eljuno Yeah my browser is an even higher version than that mentioned in the post you linked to. So obviously not a working fix. Thanks though.

I’m having the same issue. About 30+ BAT verified for more than 8 months and will not show up in my account.

Is there a solution to the problem or it’s something that can not be fixed Why did all of my BAT disappear? I saw someone did something in the backend of brave system to get it fixed

I tried this fix, without any result… I also tried to contact @steeven & @Mattches by PM but also without any result. The BAT remain on the browser.

Thanks for following up. This is still a known issue that’s being investigated and updates can be tracked here - Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet.

Can you please also look into your PM’s? :v: