My BAT is not accumulating. Went from 20s to 0 in this month. HELP

Please Help. I had 20 something BAT accumulated for this month then all of a sudden it went to 0. It’s almost been 3 weeks and it’s still not accumulating any. What is going on? Where did my BAT go?


did you find a way to get the BAT back or is Brave International just taking everybody’s funds?

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I have this same problem and Brave will not respond …

I was able to recover my pending funds by manually updating my browser. I did this by going to:

About Brave (bottom left-hand side)
clicking on my version of brave
this will direct you to their webpage to update your browser.

After updating the browser, I was able to see my accumulated BAT. Brave didn’t respond either, but this worked for me. I really hope this helps.

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