HERE , I’ve been collecting them for months, I had 15, now they’re gone, I didn’t delete them I am 100% sure.
what happened with them? please give them back it’s not fair.

your BAT is not lost there is in your Gemini account !! you just disconnected from brave and you don’t see them

Can’t presume that tbh. Should ask did the person connect to Gemini recently prior to the cut off date for payments for Gemini this month… if so then it should be in their Gemini account as you’ve said. Dunno why the user would disconnect/log out though…

I’m also disconnected from my brave and i think many other people happened the same because for some reason gemini is not supported in my region

Gemini isn’t supported in your region? Huh? Do you mean brave rewards or Gemini the exchange? I didn’t know Gemini had restrictions on regions.

i cant connect my gemini into brave account from yesterday. The gemini is working fine as exchange

well yeah, it says disconnected, but then when I press CTRL+ T to open a new window, it appears that I’m logged in

so definetely weird…weird as fck, on one side I’m logged in and on the other side I’m logged out.
and if I go to I’m logged out ; For context I can’t log in because I lost my phone number that I have and they ask for configuration, and I’m forced to send a photo with my I D to recover my account…which is weird that I’m logged in already on half of my browser…

but anyway, my money is here, so nothing got lost, they just synced into my wallet it seems.
thanks for the response, this is solved

This should answer your issue with regards to having problem connecting to Gemini. If you were already connected then you’re fine, only reconnecting you no longer can’t. I’m not sure why you chose to disconnect (they don’t automatically disconnect you). So unfortunately all you can do is wait till they support your region again for Gemini. Uphold may support your region. Regarding the missing bat, it’s in your Gemini account as it would have been processed and showing 0 on that rewards page much earlier than yesterday.

Being logged in to Gemini from the rewards section is seperate to being logged in on their site as you aren’t actually on their site when on rewards page. Think of it like an extension in your browser being signed in to google account or whatever. Doesn’t mean you’re actually signed in to google when you go to the Google login page.

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