My bat is at 0 despite receiving ads

Good afternoon since yesterday my PC restarted due to power failures and when it turned on it no longer had the bat that it had not yet withdrawn from this month, I thought it was a bug and I kept getting advertisements but my bat counter was still at 0

Something similar happened on my phone, I don’t understand how but it was formatted or updated by itself and that caused the BATs that I had saved to be erased … Now I have to start putting them together again …
I do not know if I can recover them in any way since my phone did not have my wallet verified … Although it was only 1-500 BATs, it makes me angry that I lost them.
If I can get them back, all the better.

I Lost some bat tokens in the same way, once the computer is restarted, bat tokens are lost

don;r know what to do, it’s the second time I am facing this issue.

lost a bunch of tokens

I not only lost them, but my bat counter does not increase despite continuing to receive ads, it has already been in 0 for 42 hours

My tokens are back, check again once and see, hope someone will be able to help if problem is still there.

unfortunately my tokens are still 0 and I still can’t get the solution

I am currently trying having the same issue. My mobile device is the only device experiencing this. My estimated rewards are still at 0 and I have received 43 adds this month. I did receive my April distribution without any issues, but now my estimated rewards are stuck at 0 BAT

I hope this is resolved soon as well

I wrote to @steeven to see if he had a solution and he still hasn’t answered me


we will have to wait for them to solve it in some way

I´m not receiving BAT since march but the ads are still appearing. I dont why this continues to happen but it does. Besides that, in April, I could not transfer them to my wallet because the payment day got delayed, twice. Can someone help me? I´m considering re installing the browser but I would lose my BAT.

for now all we can do is wait for the moderators to give us support and hope this is resolved soon

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