My BAT is 0 since instalation


I need some Help…I don´t know why,but until this browser installed i don´t receive any BAT although all my Settings(Ads)is on,even Uphold Account verified is…maybe is something wrong here…I´m from Germany…so that should be working…so pls Help me,guys!


Hello @chekeru1980. Give a look if Brave notifications are “on” on your notification area at windows. If not write again here. :slight_smile:

If don’t know how to go there go to “settings” then “system” then “notifications and actions”. Always in windows.

There is all on.(Chrome,Skype,Office,Mail…etc)…but i Don´t see the Brave Notification…

Good. Try this simple tool and see again if after running it the Brave notifications are “on”.

what should i do…authorize?

Yes. You should authorize notifications.

I did it…and now?Should I navigate on websites or?

First you must control if Brave notifications are “on”.

now is on…and?After what…

Now you should receive ads. If there are not other problems with your Brave browser. Navigate with Brave and wait. Hoping that soon will receive the first ad.

ok…thanks man!I already receive the first 2 Notification…but why so little paid?Only 1 Cent… pro Ads?Or there is Ads with better Paid?

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