My BAT does not arrive full

Happy day, according to my accounts and information from my friends and the tips they claim to have made, the amount of BAT I have in my dashboard does not match what they say they gave me in tips in total, that is, I should have 215 Bat and I only have 163.88, besides I do not understand why my amount contains decimals if all the tips are whole numbers, it took about 72 hours waiting to see if the amount is updated but apparently that will not happen.

I can only thank you for your prompt reply

cc @asad for assistance here.

Brave take 5% fee of contribution.

See this thread for information about late/incomplete payouts: Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

in the same way I am missing BAT, if we calculate 215 x 5% = 10.75 that is 215 - 10.75 = 204.25, there is still a missing of 40.37

Is there a chance that they close the browser after made a tip? The browser need to be open until the tip process is done AFAIK. Or the process will be stopped that results in incomplete tip. The browser should continue the process when Brave reopened.

cc: @cory Another potentially similar case.

Up to this moment I have been rewarded with 315 BAT and I only see in my dashboard 209, that is, 315 - 15.75 (5%) = 299.25. I have a missing of 90.25 BAT and I feel that will increase that number each time you receive more rewards

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