My BAT dissapeared today 30/09!

Today, I was browsing as usual when suddenly I saw that my bat had dissapeared. It startedfrom scratched again. It’s my first month trying this browser and I really enjoy it, so I wouldn’t like to leave it. I hope you give me solution, please. I had 1.161 BAT or something close. Thanks for your help.

Welcome. This is a normal ocurrence that happens. Basically at the end of a month rewards reset for the new month. All pending rewards you had earned for the prior month, in this case all of September, should be paid out during October up to 2 weeks after. Keep notice of the banner at the top of the site that will eventually show the payout status. That usually does not appear til during the payout period around the 7th of the new month or so, in this case it should be around October 7thish.

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Yep. Same thing here. Fascinating that this continues to happen. Read about the same issue a couple of months back on Reddit (I no longer use that platform).

So, basically, just wanted to respond so you know you’re not alone.

Mine went from ~ 3.5 to 0.90. Not a lot but come on.

Normal occurrence? Don’t remember this last month. Nothing in history either.

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My BAT dissapeared today 30/09! too!

Read here:

Hi everyone, it’s just a new month (October 1st), so counters are resetting to the new month. Your other counters may take some time to sync up, depending on your timezone.

We have a fix coming to make sure your local time and the UTC timezone that our servers use are better aligned.