My bat disappeared

Hello everyone!!:

I live in chile and I started to use brave browser a few weeks ago, on august 5 brave did the balance of my basic attention tokens, I claimed for my BAT and it just it disappeared from my brave reward account, my BAT are nor in my Brave wallet or in my uphold account which is verified and connected to my brave wallet.!

I have 1.11.104 version of brave browser and a MAC

I wrote on brave community chat, but I didn’t have any answer, I would appreciate it if you could help me.

thank you.

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Hi, I have this similar problem, pretty sure the same date too. I claimed my BAT, and actually I received it for a few minutes until my laptop restarted and it’s gone up until today, nowhere to be found. My brave version is 1.11.97 and device is Mac (macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 in case it’s needed too). Can somebody help? Thank you.


I also have the same problem


same problem here, balance was 4.750 for a few seconds then it went back to 0.250


Hello niki, let see if anybody can help us, @steeven would you?

let write more messages to see if anybody can help us…we have to make some noise…

Les see if @steeven can help us…

Ok, I found this, so I guees we just need to wait

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Thank you !! :+1:t2:

Hi all, I just want to update the situation, I have received my BAT again a couple days ago. Hope you have received yours too!

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