My BAT decrease every few weeks

I never reached 1BAT, it drops from 0.7 to ~0.5 every few weeks.
I verified my wallet (Uphold wallet)
Auto Contribute is off on every device.

I tried to send my BAT into my exodus wallet as well but I get an error.
Either I did it wrong or Transaction fees were too high to send <1BAT.
#1. I choose to send to cryptocurrency or utility token
#2. Then i chose BAT
#3 Then i wrote my exodus BAT Wallet info and checked send all available funds, but i couldn’t send it because of an error
Then exchanged my BAT into € and hold it into my UpHold € Wallet, which worked.

I have uBlock Origin (Adblocker) and uMatrix (Script Blocker) in Brave installed
but FAQ said there should be no issue with using an Adblocker.
So my guess is that uMatrix is somehow causing the trouble…

Can I whitelist BAT somehow in uBlock / uMatrix, if so what to choose to whitelist?!
Brave Reards Tab:

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brave totally stops rewardd? what happened the rewards stopped . where to complain this issue is there any admin?

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