My BAT counter stoped counting

My BAT counter stopped counting since last week (10 August). I still receive adds in my new tab window, but it’s doesn’t count anymore (In the BAT counter). Bytheway, my dollar converter still grow in value; I don’t know if it is due some BAT valorization, or something similar, I’m just reporting. I love this platform, so I really expect that this bug is fixed.

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This is normal, it goes up or down depending on the current BAT value.

As for:

I have seen users reporting this lately, hope they are working on a solution.

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same problem here, stopped counting few days ago,

I’ve had this as well.

Also had the “Ad notifications received this month” and “Estimated rewards pending” values reset back to the previous days total several times in past 2 months.

Don’t worry , This is technical glitch from Server , Team Already Working and try to Fix this issues

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