My Bat coins are gone

i had over 5 Bat tokens. But now i see 0.305. i checked my wallet on uphold but there is no token.
Also i cant see any ads for 2 days. Why is Brave not working Fine ?

Hello new brave user!
This is normal. last day of the month of midnight there is a reset. Your Accumulated bats get taken out to be calculated. Soon if not already you will see “your xxx bat will arrive in 7 days” or something like that.
It can take up to 2 weeks though. Then if you are verified you will get your amount automatically to your verified custodian. If not, you will see a claim button to claim your bats into the browser wallet.
This is all normal.

As @xMovingTarget mentioned, this is normal, sense there are many users daily and there is a large amount of numbers and many other things they need to check too, so it maybe that they sometimes do wrong too, but the support team is amazing and they deal with ur issues no matter of time. :slight_smile:

Oh, thnx for answer. i hope i dont lose my tokens. Have a good day…

Oh great :smiley: i learned this :smile:

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