MY BAT balanced suddenly changed

  1. Description of the issue:
    OK so my BAT balance suddeny changed from 2,250 to 0,660 and I know its not much but i am using your browser about month and i dont like its just gone like that. Anyway I saw 216 adds which never changed

  2. Expected result:
    I would like the problem to be fixed

3Brave Version( check About Brave ):
Brave is up to date

Version 1.22.67 Chromium: 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Do You mean pending rewards or claimed rewards? Better if there are screenshots

Yes pending rewards and sending pics as soon as I can (edit: these are pics of last ss i took those and i have done no tips or whatsoever and 2 from today)

how much was your last payment and how much were your pending rewards at the time?

I am facing the same issue on my mobile and laptop devices.
It shows the correct number of ads viewed but the pending rewards keeps on decreasing,


I have an issue, my balance is gone, I check my uphold wallet and the funds were transferred to creators although my creators retribution isn’t active!

This is a big problem because if i ever transfer funds to uphold from other wallets, what guarantee do i have that my funds would not be send to creators without my consent?

EDIT: NOT THE SAME ISSUE, i miss read the topic

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There wasnt yet, this is my first month so i am wondering if to keep using smth which is not even working properly. And as I wrote in topic I had 2,250 BAT then it changed to this (ads number is correct tho, when each add was rewarded with 0,010 or 0,015 BAT)

I’m currently facing the same issue on Android. Number of ads viewed has stayed the same but my pending rewards completely reset.

@Kered clear the cache of the browser (not the data)

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so you haven’t received your first payment yet? is your browser up to date?

No I haven’t, and i wrote its up to date in topic message… any idea please?

Is there something I can do?

The only thing I can think now is to wait for the payment date and see how much Bat you get.

I have experienced myself that the pending rewards were reduced but the payment was higher than the pending rewards showed

Ic thank you… I ll keep this thread updated by 6.4. which is my payment day

Nop my amount of Bat is still showing wrong + I didnt recieve monthly Free Bat token this month. Is there some reason for that?

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A few people are reporting that last month’s rewards were not transferred to Uphold on April 6 and that the pay out date has changed to May 6. Would be good to understand why this pay out was skipped.

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Yes I am one of them then. First i lost 2 BAT which completly disapeared, then pay date changed to 6 may as u mentioned and i got nth again and free monthly bat token didnt appear either.

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