My BAT balance is going to Brave, not to me

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My BAT balance is going to Brave, not to me

What Operating System and Brave version are you using?

Windows 11, Android

*Who is your verified custodian?

Are you in a supported region?

@steve5 not sure what you’re referencing. But I’m going to assume you have 1 BAT getting pulled out? If so, that’s because you still have Auto-Contribute enabled. It is on by default. You are expected to go look through your settings and change anything you don’t want. Go to brave://rewards and you’ll see everything. Make sure auto-contribute is turned off, such as below:


Please ask for help because first my country in Chile was excluded but then reinstated. Because of this, it had problems with rewards and no one received them until it closed.

I Checked and automatic contributions are disabled.

@fer92 please create your own topic. It can be distracting for all involved when you start sharing your own issue on someone else’s topic. Especially when your problems may be two different scenarios.

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i thanks im new here

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