My appeal was denied. What did I do wrong?

I haven’t logged into my Brave Rewards panel in well over a year. It wasn’t until I received a tip in December that I decided to check it out. That’s when I first noticed that I had “Suspended BAT”. I’m not sure why it occurred but I followed the appeal process and as of January 8th my appeal was denied. I don’t understand what I even did wrong for this to happen. What made me “ineligible”? Can someone help me on this.

The suspended BAT might be UGP grants. They practically allow anyone to be part of Brave rewards, BAT etc. But only allow vetted, selectively few creators to take part in UGC grants. UGC grants are extra free BAT brave gives out to creators for free so that they can tell their subscribers about Rewards/BAT.
Afaik, UGC grants are suspended for over a year or two. So, the email must be really old.
As said in the mail, you can receive tips from your subscribers but cannot get tips from Brave software via UGP.

I could not find the link for terms, as I remember it there are 3 terms. You must have broken atleast 1 one of them.

Found it, it was on a different site.

Official support team might be able to help

That’s false. This is not a “really old” email at all. I posted it here the same day I got. The email is in response to my appeal. I’m not sure why you would think I’d be complaining about a really old email. I’m looking for the official support team’s response to this issue, and not just a general FAQ. They’re the only ones who can give me insight on why this issue occurred in the first place and why my appeal was denied. As they’re the ones who made the decision.

With that being said I haven’t broken any rules at all for this to happen, but if they believe I did then I’d like to be informed on what specifically went wrong. Therefore this requires the attention of someone on the “Official Support Team” as you mentioned to look over this.


(I have tagged him. My above statement might be wrong as I have seen it first time on this forum.)

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I appreciate you tagging support. I’m looking for some further assistance on this issue.

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