My Angular Website does not work because of ad-blocking. How to debug?

Hi there. My website does not finish loading because of the ad-blocking.
Is there a way to detect what is the “offending” component?
How can I debug this?

I’m not an expert (re: debugging). But on desktop you can click Brave Shields icon at URL bar to see which sources being blocked.

Hello @awoywood

first congratulation for your website

open your site in 2 different tab one with shield down and another one with shield up

right click any place in the page then inspect then choose source in the upper side of the screen in both tab

you will see the things that loaded compare and check which one is the cause of the block but i notice you use tons of third party js files like fb twitter paypal and firebase

the following are some of the blocked item

Screenshot from 2020-10-06 01-58-51

Screenshot from 2020-10-06 02-00-12

Screenshot from 2020-10-06 02-00-51

i guess the last 2 most probably has great impact but search for the other blocked one as i did not check them all

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

This should help.

Give it 24-48hrs for the update to roll out.


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