My android phone have already enough BAT but 25 minimum BAT messages still persists

Anroid Brave browser won’t verify my wallet constantly asks for 25 BAT balance, but I already accumulated 30+ BAT.

Hi @ubhz - the 35.6 BAT shown is ‘estimated pending rewards’. You’ll be able to verify once the BAT is in your browser wallet.

So you mean, once the BAT is not in “estimated pending rewards”, maybe 50+ BAT, I will have no problem in verifying my Android wallet?

yes he mean when you claimed them and according to your screen shoot the next payment dy is 6 aug but i think it will get delay a little more for me it sometime delayed about 2 - 4 days

and once you claimed it you can proceed with your request

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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