My All Brave Reward is lost

I transferred my money to Zebpay but it is not there and also not showing in brave. No history, nothing.

Android and I’m using latest brave version

I’m using Zebpay

It is supported in India

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@Anutani can you explain more what you’re saying? What did you transfer and when?

More specifically, when did you connect your Rewards to ZebPay?

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I transferred my BAT to Zebpay , my lifetime reward, but I never received on Zebpay. I connect to Zebpay on 1st November 2023. I didn’t receive my brave reward of November month also.

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This could be why. The deadline was October 31. so if you hadn’t connected before then, all of your prior earnings would be no good. But let’s say they extended it, still a chance it might not hit until next month or so.

Create a Rewards Support Ticket at just so they can look into everything and give you specific answers on your situation.

I recommend a support ticket for this. It could be that the transfer containing your previous balance (if you had one) was blocked. The support team will be able to look into if it was blocked or what happened to it.

@Saoiray I believe the vBAT sunset date was extended till November 2nd 00:00 UTC, so he may have still made it.

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