My affiliation dashboard was reset to 0 in Brave + Uphold but we continue to promote the affiliation link that is linked to it

Hello, I am Mehdi the ceo of

We promote our Brave affiliation link since about 6 months and we surely brought you a lot of affiliates, it was 200$ few months ago of BAT that was in the account.

I discussed with Brave’s CM on TG since the beginning and he helped us to set this up.

Since I changed my phone number and couldn’t restore my Google 2FA, I started back the KYC form from Uphold to retrieve the acocunt but there was 0$ inside. I also have a screenshot of the account that was sent at that time to your CM Stephen.

Affiliation link:

Thank you

Hi Mehdi, thanks for writing in!

I dug into your account and is currently not a verified Brave publisher. Did you shut down your old account or remove your verified channel?

Hello Asad and thank you for your answer, we never deleted any account, but the kyc has been reset, please dig into our affiliate account, it has been validated by Stephen and you can see it on our site almost everywhere:

Hi Mehdi,

Can you try re-verifying for me? Again, we don’t see registered under Brave Rewards. When you’re referring to KYC reset, what do you mean exactly (your Uphold account maybe)?

Oh Thanks but I mean this link can you find it? yes it was an uphold account, I am sure of those and it has been reset to 0 even if we still have the link live so you might see new users everyday from our link. Can you please double check,