My adsense account got banned because of brave browser

Hi, Brave I am Dev Chopra I am a blogger and really working hard for my blog. I was not sure that if I will be using Brave as the browser, I will not be able to transfer my money to my bank account to brave shield. So I tried my best and requested Google for the same. My Adsense account has been banned by Google. So I request you to please tell me what to do next because I really need my money.
Also written a mail to brave regarding this. Please help me. I am in very much loss right now.

My Blog: (

Please help me out as soon as possible, I want my money and had a $60000 loss on my side please help.

Dev Chopra


How do you know Brave is the issue @TheDevChopra ?

Brave has nothing to do with this xD

And its not the reason for you to get banned too xD Send a screenshot of the mail that you received when you got banned.

@ItzMeRajat @fanboynz
Here is the screenshot of my Adsense profile.

Taken this screenshot from windows pre installed app named as snipping tool.

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