My adds stopped working. / 100 adds = 1bat?

I came here because i thought brave was working well. Its been over a day since ive had any adds amd nothing has changed on my end. Except Now ive been browsing threw other comments. And i see that others are making 100 times the rate i am. I saw 12. Adds equal nearly 3 BAT. Heres my screenshot, which shows im making FAR less then average. As well as adds stopped alltogether.

$1.63 / 111 = $0.015/ad
I’m not surprised: I have a similar payrate.

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But how do i make the ADs start agian?? I went from a good amount coming whenever i surf the web. To none for days. A small inbetween then stopped agian.

We’re all in the same boat and you’re not the only one (see the posts on this forum). That’s what BAT-ads pay nowadays, with a few exceptions.

On Sampson codes, you have availables ads campaign and you see how much you can earn for each ad.

Example for me :

0.0109 USD / 0.01 BAT.

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