My account, what should I do?

Hello dear forum users. Tell me what to do with my account. At the very beginning, when the brave browser just started, I attracted users through YouTube, then abandoned this business. But recently returned again and began to advertise the browser forgetting about your old account.
Question: will I be Banned for creating a new account?(I know that I can delete my old account and not worry about it).
Question: there are funds left On my old account, the uphold is not connected there, can I connect an uphold on my old account that is currently connected on my new account to withdraw funds?
Question: Can I use multiple accounts to attract users(I don’t mean sites and referral links. I’m talking about accounts)?
Question: is it possible to transfer funds from the old account to the new one by confirming that these are my accounts?
What should I do with my old account?
I will be grateful for your help. Please answer all questions.

@ikolebaev you can re-verify your channel/site from your old account to your new account. Your site and the BAT will be transferred to the new account. That way you’ll only use 1 account.

cc @asad @steeven for correction.

So I can connect the old YouTube channel to the account I use now and everything will be fine?
Will I be banned? Do I need to delete my old account? What to do with it? If I do what you described, my account will not be suspended?

Yes. You can transfer your channel to the new account. And I believe it’ll not lead to suspension.

And the money will also be transferred along with the account? After I transfer my old account to a new one, do I need to delete the old one?

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