My account under review. How long it takes?

I have more than a year and a half with my account and it is not the first time it has been under review.

But it is very strange that after so long it happens to me again.

I have already sent a message and attached links, screenshots of my channel and statistics.

I see many that the same case and I worry because I do not know how long it will take them to check that everything is in order and that it does not happen to me as they put their account under review two months in a row.

How long is the maximum time to give an answer?

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My friend has been waiting for over a month…

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El tiempo Máximo para dar respuesta se calcula dependiendo del contenido Plasmado dentro del correo Electronico al momento de realizar tu apelación en los servicios, esto es un margen de Seguridad y se aplica de forma Random.

Pueden responder en poco tiempo segun la “Cola de usuarios” Segun cuantos usuarios esten enviando correos, y si tienen poco contenido puede que llegues muy rápido por que sin contenido los correos son Omitidos ya que se Solicita primera Pruebas a y captures bien detallada para realizar la Apelación para reactivacion de tu cuenta y confirmar que no eres un BOT que crea cuentas al azar para publicar tu Link de referido.

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The Maximum time to respond is calculated depending on the content contained in the email at the time of making your appeal in the services, this is a margin of safety and is applied randomly.

They can respond in a short time according to the “User queue” According to how many users are sending emails, and if they have little content, you may arrive very quickly because without content the emails are Omitted since the first tests are requested and well detailed captures to perform the Appeal to reactivate your account and confirm that you are not a BOT that creates random accounts to publish your referral link.


I understand … Well I sent a message with the answers to questions.

Also attach the link to my channel and provide screenshots of the number of subscribers I currently have, my video with the most views, a screenshot of the description that I put on each video promoting the brave browser and a screenshot of my statistics from the last 90 days .

In my opinion they are tests that I consider necessary and that is why I sent them.

Thank you very much for responding, I hope support will review and return my account soon.


Please refer to the following thread regarding your suspension: Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions