My account stop count new bat in my balance - any one have the same problem?

my account stop count new bat in my balance from yesterday - any one have the same problem ?


@steeven please help

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Same problem here.
I see the numbers ok and the Dashboard,
but the BAT count just froze 2 days already :open_mouth:

Any change ??


BAT count also froze 2 days ago
any other one have the same problem ?

Yes, BAT count has frozen in my publisher dashboard too.

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yes my bat balance freezed to i think my bat will freeze 7th of month

Same issue, have you figure why? stats for 30-day-use have stop updating since 7th October

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no in my account from 2 days only

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my accounts freeeze 2 days same problem

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I have the same problem. I receive 0 ads the last month approx

we talk about creator program not brave ads

Any word from the Devs/Support on the issue?

Hi everyone, this days yours Bats are counting/withdraw, it’s frozen period and our dashboards can have delays. It’s normal, we can see this every month. Regards.

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thanks for your help

@mody when your balance goes to your uphold account 8th or 11th of month ?

When should we see the correct BAT count back?

Don’t worry, it can takes few days.

my freezed balance all will go to my uphold account on november 8th yes ?

@HarryHaller can you tell me bro

All Bat which you recieved before 31.10 should be sent to uphold about 8/9 November. Check the rules btw:

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