My account need a help

Hello sir. i am waiting for your respone about my account was under review. I have explained how i can communicate everybody and i spent a lot of money for ads but why that informations isn’t still enough to authenticate my account??? Please help me and check me again. And then i can work again

Do not create multiple threads with same issue. It will take time to review your account.

Why did you got ban? Self tip? I want to know so I can’t perform same mistake! Please let me know.

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So can you review my account? Because i have been waiting for 2 months ago, so i am in hurry please help me

I don’t know why my account was under review. I spent a lot of money for ads to introduce BRAVE so i have approached too many people, and they trusted me and used BRAVE browser

Sorry, I can’t do that I’m not a staff member!

@Elson @Jacklong this is no place to discuss suspension!

Does it says it’s still in review? Or is it suspended? If suspended then forget it.

I have not seen anyone get their suspended account back!

@Jacklong - see other thread. Thanks.