My account is under review


My account is under review, after you finally verified my Youtube channel, now when I want to login to my account, I get this, could you tell me why it is under review? if only yesterday I was verified. Thank you.


Hi @Jowel412, if you mean that your account is under review for suspicious activity, you will have to reach out directly to (or the email provided on the review notice when you try to log in). They will not handle your case publicly here since account reviews involve private information.


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I understand, I already wrote to that email and are already handling my case, I wrote here because I thought I would receive additional help, thank you for your prompt response and have a good day.

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Hello, I have the same problem…, has someone solved this problem?

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When your account suspend ?? Date ?

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I realize on March 11th more or less

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Have you sent an email. Submission to the email address submitted?

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yes, twice…they ask me details, I replied the questions and nothing more


The same thing is happen to me. My ticket is 7191

I would like to get a reply from the support team because I have a lot of BATs in my account and I can not believe that I will just lose.
Its been almost a month and I do not have access to my account.

I am an active user, I support the project and I think we deserve some respect.


@ShockWall, I wrote back to you just with a decision on your account. Please check your spam folder(s) for the email.

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@TRUCU, @Miftahkazema, what are your Zendesk request numbers? I will take a look at your cases right now.

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@Asad I want to ask Mr. . . why is the balance above 10K all suspended. . . even though we have because it promotes bravery
and why can a balance below 10K landing without suspending sir ?


Hello @Asad , request (9708)


Hello community-team,

i send some mails to your support (, but i get no reply from the support team. No ticket-id. Nothing!

I do not have access to my account since march. :frowning:

I’m developer and I support the project a long time ago.

So please contact me!

Thank you in advance! Best regards

Publisher account mail: (same like this)


@Trucu, I just wrote back to you. @miftahkazema, can you send me your request # or your publishers email address? (you can PM it to me).


@Asad can you please tell me, whats going on? What can i do?

Best regards

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Sure thing @unitix , will check your account in a bit here. Will email you back, so check your emails later today (also check your spam folders).


Good afternoon, Asad.
Do you already have answers about account reviews? In my mail I have not received anything. My block is March and this is my email I’ll be attentive to your answers, Thanks.


Thank you very much for the fast reply! :blush:


Please be wait it would be solved. I had something similar for just a day. It all worked out. But @Asad please help

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