My account is "under review"

As soon as I was expecting a payout my account was suddenly “under review”.

Brave approached ME about a sponsorship for my YT and Twitch, now as soon as I’m meant to be paid out my account is conveniently under review?

This needs to be fixed immediately.

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cc @Asad for assistance here.

Hi Duncan, can you PM me the email address you use to login? I can get this fixed for you.

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Hi @Asad i also have problem. I send you mail.

@Asad please take a look on my account and fix it please. My account is under review too

Hey Assad - Same thing here. We are building a Youtube / Website / network with Brave Browser - and have been stymied by this “Account Under Review”

You even got hip-hop legends like Rappin’ 4Tay and Crooked-I aka Kxng Crooked hypin’ the Brave browser (listen for it).

Please let us know how we can get this ball rolling again - we have more channels to add!
Matthew Steehler
Mithril Ore Token,

Matthew, can you zip an email to regarding this? I’m more than happy to look at your account personally then. We can’t discuss account reviews on the public Community site :slight_smile:

Hola Asad revisa mi cuenta esta en revisión corrige la por favor

I have same problem, my account is under review, what´s happened? is my email. Can you do something? or can i do something?

Muchas cuentas tienen el mismo problema y no dan explicaciones pareciera un robots el que atiende los casos

Ya va casi 1 mes de ello y no me resuelven nada ni si quiera me envian un correo para saber el estado de mi cuenta

Si ya es una negligencia del soporte no hay respuesta de nada

Yo tengo mas tiempo y no dan respuesta ni de los confirmados

The same problem on me. Why this happen ? Someone can explain me ? I didn’t get monthly rewards, I didn’t get payment then now my account is under review ? What is problem ?