My account is under review. Why?


My account appears in review, I already answered where my BATs come from about 5 days ago, I do not get answers. I started working with you in June 2020 in August I got my first payment all right (I did little per test since many do not pay) Seeing that indeed if they paid I began to manage my Paintball blogs and forums with more than 500k followers even in Facebook with a page of more than 1M followers. Apparently Brave saw the change from 25 referrals that I had in June to more than 90 referrals in July. I handle a lot of social networks, active forums and blogs in the US For pandemic reasons I was not working I am under suspension from work, my only income I had is this. I am from Latin America and here it is strong not to have government support and to work to survive. I do not expect a solution here but if it is in your hands to scale the review would be great

Thank you so much for everything

You probably did self tipping or violated any other rules
Like getting confirmation using fake referral or referral using USA vpn

And ye lier if your have Facebook page with 500k follower then for real people would contact you for advertising you don’t have to beg here

I don’t think self tip will cause suspension of our publishers account.

Isn’t it @Mattches??

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We do not discuss suspended cases on Community – the information required to do so is sensitive. Please follow the instructions provided to you in the suspension email to move to the next step in the process.