My account is permanently closed!? Without explanation

I understand that the project is over, but that is why they should not close all accounts with the excuse of breaking the rules.

Both mine and several YouTube friends have been permanently closed without receiving the last payment.

Besides closing my account, they don’t give me explanations. My account has been active for over a year and a half and I have worked with that account forever.

I demand a realistic explanation and not cheap excuses that I “broke” the rules.

This seems more like you do not want to make the last payments, there are many closed accounts, in my case I sent all the requested and unsolicited tests, links, captures and even statistics of the last 90 days.

If they are going to finish the project, at least do it well, because with that answer I received I feel cheated and I feel that they are only doing it for their own benefit.

I know that other friends of mine have already opened topics of this type and have blocked them. So it wouldn’t seem strange to me if they did the same to me.

How many BAT did you lost ???

I no longer remember how much exactly, but it was more than 3500 bat

that was huge…sad life

Suspensions are not handled on Community.

@Lorent2209 please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks.