My account is limited, but I am a citizen of Kazakhstan

Hi everybody.
I have a problem with my creator account.
My account has ceased its activities in connection with the ban of Russia.
But I am a citizen of Kazakhstan, and I do not understand why my account was limited. Upphold is also registered on the passport of a citizen of Kazakhstan, just 2 years ago when I checked in I lived temporarily in Russia because of business trips, therefore I indicated the address of Russia. Now I live in my homeland in Kazakhstan and I have the right to participate in the referral program.
Can I send a request to the uphold to change non-current data about my stay?
Can I change the data on my residence to link the uphold to my current account and gain access again? Or I will have to make a new YouTube channel and create a new creator and uphold account.
What to do in this situation, give recommendations.

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Like This ?

Please contact Uphold to change your address.

@cory and my account will then function?

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