My account is flagged


Since 2021 i havent receive any bats to my account, and one day, when i was reauthorizing my phone o or webbrowser to Uphold a message come to me:

“My account is flagged”.

What is this? What did i do? When do you unflag my account?

Remember, all this year without bats…

Thank you


Request help, by completing the ticket form at:

Wallet payment ID would be required in the ticket form and will be found at: brave://rewards-internals/

(If, somehow, you cannot locate your Wallet Payment ID, then try using your e-mail address in the entry field.)

Please DO NOT reveal your Wallet Payment ID nor other personal info (egs. full name, e-mail address), here, at this very public forum, the Brave Community.

Brave Rewards - Brave Support response times vary greatly, between a few days to much longer (weeks) for FLAGGED cases. Such cases are in a queue and reviewed over time. I am not certain, how that translates to your wait time.

But, after a long delay and you wonder, ‘What has happened?!’ . . . create 1 more ticket, and after doing that, send a Direct Message (‘DM’) to ‘steeven’ (member of Brave Support) by going to:

There, click on the Message button - looks like:


Report your issue details and include:

  • URL address where you first posted your issue
  • your 2 ticket numbers

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