My account is flagged and I have been denied at least 6 months of rewards. I was given no notice of the flag

I tried to check my wallet to see how my using the Brave Browser (which I tell all my friends about) has been a benefit to me, only to find out that, despite setting up accounts with wallets and signing up for offers, ect… you know, really supporting this platform, my account has been flagged and I last received BAT in December of last year.
Am I to constantly check to see if what I set up yesterday is still working today every day? Do I have to regularly prove I’m real? Why was I flagged? Sure, false positives exist, but where is the link for disputes? How long have I been flagged? How long must I “Do nothing” and wait for Brave to recognize I’m falsely flagged?

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@DolphinRadio You should raise a request here-

Wallet payment id would be required in the form and will be found here- brave://rewards-internals/. Don’t post it anywhere publicly.

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