My account in the referral program was unblocked (what's next?)

Want to say thanks the support team, my account unblocked today.
Its a pity, that i was waiting 6 days and didn’t receive any notification concerning unblocking. I just tried to log into my account at I succeeded.
The main issue of all its can I continue to advertise my site in Google Adwords?
I fear that my account will block 8th september. I’ve spent 3000$ for advertising Brave, its a lot of money for me.

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It’s goog to hear it, I’m still waiting… I have a lot of confirmations and suspended account :confused: have you recieved your payout?

They just don’t care about us.
They wait that the topic automatically close.

Hi @wedge06 I think they have just a lot of work and rewards from referral program is just a small part of they work. Brave growths very fast and they have still a lot of work to do. There are many people who want to game the system. We play fair so I hope we shouldn’t woried.

No, i haven’t received this payout. The payout call off to the 8th of September.

My account is still locked. I wrote @asad, @steeven, send screenshots from Google Ads to email. My ticket: #28710
I think that about 10-20 people who promoted the browser in large volumes. And they are all blocked. Thanks to us, thousands of new users have appeared in the community. But what did we get for it? Blocking and unclear payout prospects.
I hope this situation will be resolved. My ticket: #28710

Hi @Geor,

Thank you for your patience. @Asad and I are reviewing your ticket, moving to PM.

I was also able to log into my account yesterday, but to be honest I am not sharing your enthusiasm. The forum has topics where people also enthusiastically thanked for the unlock but after they were blocked again and again, again on the day of payment. There are also many topics where simply the payment date was postponed to the next month and people did not receive money. I asked a clear question to support: does the fact that I can log in to the account mean that my account unlocked and I’m cleared? But the answer has still not received.
One way or another, I definitely won’t run any ads, and even if they say that everything is fine, I will wait from the beginning of the payment.
For so many years of doing business, I realized one important thing that your money is only when it is in your wallet and not on some drawn balance.


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