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Hello There… I just Installed Brave on my PC. If I verify my wallet and connect it to My Uphold account, then Can I Take my Ads Earning direct to my uphold account without rewarding anyone?

Yes. Once your wallet is connected to uphold, earned BAT will go to uphold

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thankyou. connected with uphold. will the funds transfer automatically or i need to do something?

Estimate earned will be paid at the beginning of the month to uphold while BAT in your wallet will transfer automatically

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Oh, Good Thank you. I am from India. I have a doubt, since 2 days i am not getting any ads while 2 of my friends were getting. Is there anything that i has to do to get ads?

1.Check whether your receive ads option is turned ON.
2.If using Brave Browser on mobile then try clearing the cache or the best reinstall it.
3.To get ads you need to be constantly active and be doing something on the browser.

By the way I am also from India.
Hope my solution helps.

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oh Thankyou for that. i think i am using less than them.

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