My account has been under review for the second time

My account was under review once on November 9th November 22 My account is reopened. But now my account is under review again. I just waited for a reward.
What happens? I do not received Bat.
Please help me.
Thanks you!

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Hello admin
because they suspended me again if you answered by mail you had eliminated the withholding of my account.
Now they tell me to tell me again by mail the same process I did a month ago.
What should I do

When suspended, how long did it take and we’re you paid?

I am still suspended and unpaid

Vào 21:35, CN, 8 Th12, 2019 Ollue via Brave Community đã viết:

My token BAT is also suspended. Who can help me ?

For the second time, right,.? How long did it take the first time?

Please read this post regarding suspended publisher accounts: About the Publishers category

There is nothing more to be done about suspensions on this community, please follow the guidance in the post.

Thank you.

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