My account flag

I thing this happens because i open to many new tap brave fine false ads is not my fault brave have to fix not make people wasting time like this and after they flag you account not paid look like SCAM to me BRAVE HAVE TO FIX THIS NOT TO WAST PEOPLE TIME

First things first. If you are looking for help don’t start with accusations.
You installed Brave by your won choice. You did not pay to use it. You did not invest any money. Brave is distributing rewards because they want, rewards that they pay from their own pocket. So, accusing people of a scam based on false assumptions is going too far and shows a lack of knowledge and maturity.

Coming to your case.
How do you know your profile is flagged? Could you give more detailed information?
What is actually the issue, or issues, your are facing?

These questions are crucial to be able to help you and give more input.

Thanks i do not agree with you you create bowser when you use we earn little money
and you have to REMOVE ADS FROM NEW TAB not let people wasting time they think they earn more

You still didn’t explain your issue. What really happened?
No one can help you if you do not let us know what happened with your browser.

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i have no idea why Thay block me all i did when am front on my pc i open new tap and see ads is on i that i going to get extra maybe because this nothing ells i did but i uninstall my brave from all my device

I reinstall again my account is fine but i did not received last months worth 26 BAT from my 3 device hope BRAVE not flag my account again

Hello @afrim99, thanks for letting us know about this. Please read the following article to have a better understanding of when your account is flagged:


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