My account does not register earnings

Hello brave people, my name is Silvio Campillay, I live in Argentina and I want to consult you regarding my situation, it has been almost three months since I linked my YouTube channel with brave to be part, and hoping to make a profit, but I have not received any I pay, and it seems that I do not add anything for the visits, it is zero, and I do not know what the problem will be, I would like you to verify what the situation is, and if they could tell me what the problem is, I want to continue uploading videos, I plan to do tutorials among other things, but I do not know if at some point they will start paying me something for this, therefore I do not know whether to continue with this, I would like, but hey, I would like some answer about it
I’m going to thank you very much
Sincerely Silvio

Hi @HSilvio, thanks for reporting! Please DM me the email linked to your account.

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