My $4.00 of BAT just dissapeared

I started using Brave Browser on January 20th.

I use Coinbase Wallet.

I earned 4.750 BAT on February 7th, I was about to transfer the BAT from my Gemini to my bank account but i noticed the fee was 99 cents so I chose to wait until I had more BAT earned or until I figured out how to transfer from Brave Wallet if I ever had that figured out as well.

Then a few days ago, the BAT I earned disappears. 1 person on Reddit told me I have to use a certain service to validate my wallet, but the phrase fro my Coinbase Wallet, but nothing worked. Another person says I can get my BAT back from validating it.

Can someone please give me guide by guide instructions on how I can get my earned BAT back so this won’t happen again?

Thank you

Is your Brave is on its latest?

Yeah my Brave is updated to the latest version

i just want my 4.750 of BAT back. someone please help me

So, sorry, but I’m confused. Can you clarify the events?

  1. 4.750 BAT was transferred to Gemini and it was logged in your Gemini transactions as received?
  2. The BAT subsequently disappeared from Gemimi without any transactions logged?

Do you have auto-contribute turned on in Brave Rewards? It is on by default, you have to manually turn it off.

@kalveronic At what date did you verify your rewards wallet? Was it after Feb 7?

Do you see/recognise transactions when you go to “View deposit history” visible in the last image you posted?

All I remember from verifying my wallet was waiting until Gemini was back up and running after it had delays recently, then when my BAT finally came it disappeared a week later. And where does it show “View deposit history” exactly? There were no transactions but it showed my money even tho i didn’t have it

Yes, the BAT disappeared even while logging into Gemini. Before and after logging in and out. I had the BAT coins IN my gemini account a week before it disappeared. Dnd thank you i’ll be sure to turn that off

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That is where your BAT probably went if auto-contribute was on. I think you can view your contribution transactions in brave://rewards-internals under Contributions. Click the Refresh button if nothing is displayed. Gemini as well should also have the transaction history if it was sent from Gemini. Not sure about the Brave Rewards statement, seems like the transactions should be there too.

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