My 13200 bat account under review

Hi guys my time zone is GMT +8 ulaanbaatar i sleep and wake up then i look my account my account was under review. I dont know why @steeven send me email and say
“his is just precautionary to ensure we can review your account before payments are made.”
I am really worry about this steeven no one know my email i do nothing i am popular youtuber
i do not bad things i reply your email i have 13200 bat today is bat paid day i am really worry about this im in querantine :(( anyone have the same problem or solved ?
Please solve this thanks
I am really worry about this i sended brave suspesions email but no response


Please write into

Your account is in Review it may take a little longer than normal since the Team is working on it, but I recommend you take steps, everything described in this document does not indicate that you have committed any illegal behavior within the Brave Browser System, But to streamline the Process I recommend the following Text.

Greetings, your account may have been suspended due to the breaking of the terms and conditions of the Brave Browser Community, we recommend you send a dispute informing what happened and showing all kinds of activity generated from your URL / User Link referred to in the affiliate program from Brave Browser, including places where they have been Posted.

If you are a creator, we recommend that you send a Channel / Twitter / Facebook or Social Network where you have an affiliated Content Creator account to check that said account complies with all the terms and conditions, remember to be transparent and tell what happened as soon as possible and Possible Description, since our system Detects any misuse of the Same Platform, Send Screenshots or upload them to and then Attach them to the Following Email.

Please write into

Remember to Attach your Email created by Brave Browser so that the Team Check your account and can take action on the Matter regarding your Expulsion or Ban from the Brave Browser Platform, since if you provide us as soon as possible your case may be examined and Answered more quickly.

Do not Attach any type of Content to this Messaging system that is to say to my Person since I am not Authorized Personnel of Brave Browser.

i writed no response i writed and answer 2 question then later i reply my email is this good bro how long time to take the suspend i need my money bro

The type of Response obtained by the Brave Browser Team is characterized in the type of Plasma Content and Visual Description and Text added in Said email, since the more content refers to your Expulsion assigned to the Email, the more Brevity and Accuracy can be your Answer, Example, if you only create a message saying that you were expelled, they already know they have been the ones who have expelled you or the system, what the team wants to know is what activity has been carried out during the last periods which can be abnormal for the system so that you have been Expelled or Banned from the System, that is why you have to show all the Possible Description, Channels, Social Networks, Web Pages among others, the more content the better they can see your case, Always Be sincere and be transparent when filing your Ban Claim since Brave Browser knows everything, give us a reason to continue providing you with the Support to continue with Brave.

bro i send my email after 2 hours no respond today is the brave payout day im working hard for refferals what i do ?

2 hours ago was the last connection of the Moderation team at times the team is sleeping or working on the Platform, you have to wait a few hours, currently it is 2:33 AM In a few hours they will look at your email, remember that there are Hundreds of users that send mail daily be patient because if you send you will only delay the process, only use the system to add content that can be used to give the progress of the investigation and in the same way free your account, for the payment period you will not worry, at the same time that your account is released, the payment will be released so that you can use them from your wallet, for now you just have to wait.

Hi @goodguy, please see direct email. Thank you.