My 1.25 BATs disappeared

My 1.25 BAT just disappeared. I did not see it in my Gemini wallet. Where is it? Can you please help me out.

hi! just happened to me, in my case i only had to wait

friend i have the same problem! I don’t know what happened to this BRAVE two months ago everything was going well, but in 2022 these problems started. hope they fix this asap, try to talk with @Mattches or @steeven I am waiting too to help me

Same thing happened to me on my other device… Please help us… from 3 .+ bat down to 0…

If you are using an Uphold wallet, as it states at the top of the Community page, these payments are still processing. Please be patient as the process completes.

If you are using a Gemini wallet, these payments have completed and, as @leo23 stated, deposits can sometimes take a little time to appear in your Gemini account. Again, exercise patience as the funds are transferred to your account.