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We are starting an entertainment network with content creators (we have a few platinum rappers on board already, and several comedians and entertainers are considering) - via the Brave browser. The problem – websites and youtube channels (pyrit music) we have added say “unverified” on the tip panel.

(as an aside - we feel the Brave browser is extremely transformative and provides a vehicle for a projects like ours - a voluntary - opt-in entertainment network built on group support of the individual content creator!)

What should we do regarding added channels to our account being considered unverified?

Many thanks for your time,

Matthew Steehler, MD
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Thanks for reaching out @MithrilOreToken.

If you search with keyword ‘unverified" with "Latest post’ sorting, you’ll find many similar topics in this forum. :wink:

Once you finished adding channel/site and verification, then it should be done/verified. And it usually it take ~24 hours for your Brave to update it (to fetch the latest publishers list).

The issue here is that Brave not showing the status properly. It’s only affects some users, and the team is working on a fix.


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