Mute tabs individually and with one click like on Firefox

I think it would be an advance if we could be able to mute the tabs like on Firefox cause maybe you don’t want to listen to a Twitch or Youtube tab for example cause you are looking to other video or stream in that moment. Nowadays with brave in the moment you mute you are muting all the sites like that, so it kinda odd cause almost for me breaks the point of that utility in a way. And the “one click mute” is much more convenient thank right click & mute in my opinion.


Hi @Alee,
Thanks for the feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

You should be able to mute one tab. Make sure that tab playing video with sound. Right click on the tab, and there should be ‘Mute tab’ option.

Previous Brave have this feature. :sweat_smile: We’ve an issue logged for this here


Maybe didn’t explain well, I know I can mute a tab but doing that I mute all the tabs of the same site. So if I want to mute just a video from stream for example cause I’m trying to listen to another stream of the same site (like youtube or twitch) I can’t. So if I want to do that I’ve to go to mute the video directly, that’s what I was meaning :sweat_smile: .

Hope I explained better this time tho!

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I frequently want to mute individual tabs showing pages from some website, without muting all tabs showing pages from that website.
Unless I have my settings configured wrong, it is currently not possible to mute tabs individually: no such option appears when right-clicking a tab which is playing audio…

Now it is supported :slightly_smiling_face: .Thanks Brave pretty cool

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