Mute tab and restore tabs when brave crashes


Hello guys,
So I would really like to see two features that Google Chrome as.
One is the Mute Tab Function appearing when you right click on the tab. In sites like Facebook when you receive a message the sound icon on the tab appears very briefly so I don’t have time to mute the tab.
The other one is the restore tabs when Brave crashes. I also know that you have a restore closed tabs but my Brave crashed while I was writing an e-mail and had various other tabs open. It was really frustrating to see that i couldn’t restore those tabs.
If these features already exist sorry for my ignorance, else i would really like to see Brave have it mostly because i would love to change from Chrome but these two features are really helpful and a quality of life improvement that i really love. (Sorry for any typos not a native English speaker here).
Thanks for the attention